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Obtain a Integration API Key

To be able to perform API operations targeting a specific integration, you need an Integration API Key.

  • Select Integrations in the navigation pane, and find the integration to create a key for.

  • Click Settings available on the integration

  • Choose the Keys tab and click Generate API Key.

  • When the key has been generated, a dialog is displayed with the API key. Copy the key using the Copy Key button, and paste it where it is supposed to be stored (typically in a key vault or configuration file). Note that once the dialog is closed, you will not be able to retrieve the key again.

Using the created API key will only authorize access to the integration it was created for. This means that an Integration API Key must be created for each integration your app should operate on.

Ensure that the API key always is stored safe. The API key is only intended to be used on server-side (backend), and never in client-side applications for security reasons. Do never share the key to anyone you don't trust or third party.

If a key needs to be revoked, just generate a new API key following the steps above. This automatically revokes the previously generated key.

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